What If You Want A Naughty Activity?

If you are in a relationship then adding a little bit of zing could do a lot to improve your standing with your gal. Whether you have a long-standing relationship or a new hookup, a little bit of spice will do both of you a world of good. Naughty dating is the new in-thing, so hookup with naughty women to explore your wild side. A naughty activity will help to ease tensions in the relationship as you get intimate with your partner. Here are some exciting ideas that you can try with your woman that are sure to get things steamy between the two of you.

Take a warm shower

A hot shower is a great way to start your date. Get hold of your gal and head to the shower dressed in your bare minimum (or nothing at all). As the two of you get intimate in the warm water play some sultry and soft songs in the background. Clean each other off as the temperature soars, and if you play this right it could lead to some great action in bed thereafter.

Pick up each other

For this naughty activity, you require a good dose of imagination. This activity involves heading to the bar and trying to pick each other up as though you are total strangers. The two of you can reach the pre-selected bar separately and pretend that you are meeting for the first time. Approach your woman and buy her a drink. After the lady accepts the drink, talk suggestively with a good deal of sexual talk interspersing your conversation. If you are lucky and things go as planned, it could lead to a quickie in the men’s room.

Be Kinky

Nothing beats being kinky when you are alone with your date. If the two of you have a good equation, then your date can be spiced up by upping the kink quotient. You could explore each other while sitting at the dinner table and there’s always the car where you can get steamy with her. After the two of you are firmly in the mood, maybe you can lead your date to your bedroom where further fun awaits.


Boys, you can ask your date to wear skimpy and sexy lingerie when she meets you. Leaving little to the imagination is a surefire way to zoom in on the action. Get a peek at what awaits you while you murmur and whisper sweet nothings. The boys can also choose to wear low hanging underwear to let the ladies glimpse what awaits them in the bedroom.

Watch an X-rated film

There is nothing that measures up to a good X-rated movie when you are expected to do a naughty activity with your date. Women absolutely love porn as it gets them in the mood for action. Grab a bowl of popcorn while you are watching the flick and let your hands and lips do the talking as things get explicit on the screen.


Obtain some aromatic body oils for an evening filled with action. Light up a candle, get the room darkened as both of you strip down to your bare essentials. Play some music in the background and give your date a refreshing and invigorating massage. The massage will get her in the mood for an intimate session with you as you knead away at her muscles.

Be unconventional

A lot of men run out of ideas when it comes to planning a night out with their date. A lot of them end up going to a restaurant, one they have been to before. You should try to be unconventional in your choices as it will earn you brownie points with your woman. Try cuisines that you have never tried before including going to thematic restaurants. Your woman will love it and chances are that she will be more receptive at the end of the date.

Be fancy

There is nothing wrong with pampering your date when she is that special somebody. You could check into a luxury hotel for the weekend with your woman and turn the date into a two-day experience. In the hotel, splurge on room service, watch a lot of cable television and have a go at your date in between the fancy linen sheets. This session will also allow you to act out your fantasies. Be imaginative in your foreplay and your date will love you for it.

Surprise her

Women love surprises. You can spice up your date by springing a surprise on your woman. Plan things in advance and when the time comes, get her to dress up and head out in your car. Starting from the venue to all the activities, make sure that everything is a surprise and you will be sure to have a wild night with her.    

Dirty Games

If you are in the mood for some playful fun, there are racy games like strip poker, card games for adults and the old favorite truth or dare that you can play with your date. Order some takeaway food or rustle up something delicious and you are sure to have a rewarding time with your woman.

Make out in public

This is an old favorite and it works every time. Start with smooching in your car, on a darkened street, in the subway or even the empty aisle of the grocery store. Use your imagination to seek out places that are unconventional and risky. This will get your data into the mood for some sex.

Stay at home

This is for the ones who are feeling a bit lazy and do not want to head out for a date. Make some effort to deck up your home and invite your date over. From a candlelit dinner to watching a favorite movie together, the choices are endless when it comes to entertaining at home. The added bonus is that you have your bedroom ready where you can indulge in some kinky sex at the end of the day.

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