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8 flirty opening lines to hookup with a naughty woman

Naughty women are a real treat to be with. With naughty dating and naughty dating online picking up, it is not really so difficult to secure a naughty date with a woman. But in order to make an impression that is sufficient to grab her attention and keep her hooked, you have to be on top of your game. Here are some flirty opening lines that can ensure a good time with a naughty woman.

a naughty woman flirting with a guy

  1. I have been in this game for a very long time. I have skills that come at a premium, but if you do not like this icebreaker, I will not pursue you or look for you. But if you do, I will ask you out for coffee.

This line oozes confidence and projects the image of a player who has played the game for a long time. Naughty women will find this attractive and the responses will probably be I’m impressed, that was smooth, or sure you may. This is one of the oldest picks- up lines in the book and it still works fine.

  1. Did you grow up on a chicken farm? Because you sure know how to raise a cock. This is a raunchy opener, and the woman will have no illusions that you are after her creampie. Make sure you deliver this line in an offhand manner, and if she takes the cue, go ahead with what you have in mind.
  2. I’m not a weatherman but you can certainly expect a few inches tonight. Once again, this is a very bold pickup line designed just for naughty women who throw you suggestive glances at the bar or the nightclub. If you get a positive response, cash in on it and ensure that your promise is fulfilled.
  3. You remind me of my little toe because I am going to bang you on every piece of furniture back home. This line is meant to make women hot behind the ears and is intended for use after a few pleasantries have been thrown back and forth with the climate highly sexual. It works, just try it. A naughty woman will not be able to resist it.
  4. Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention. No better line than this to tell your naughty woman that you have a hard on by just looking at her. Chances are that she will tell you to hold on till you get home and in between the sheets.
  5. There is plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only one I would catch and mount back home. This is another flirty opener that leaves little to the imagination regarding your intentions with a naughty woman.
  6. Do you have a mirror in your pocket? (Why) Because I can see myself in your pants. This flirty pick up line has worked for many confident males and women cannot resist this much, knowing that the cute guy has evil intentions!
  7. I may not go down in history. But I will go down on you. Once again, this is a confident statement of purpose that cuts through all the unnecessary red tape and gets straight to the heart of the matter. It is a real charmer for the naughty woman who has been eyeing you. 

These pick -up lines are flirty and sexual at the same time, and they should only be used when you have a reasonable and just cause to believe that the woman you use them on is also more than a bit interested in you.


10 things you should do to hookup with naughty sugar momma

Congratulations, so you have fallen for a naughty sugar momma. There are many naughty cougars out there that are itching to get their hands on you. Naughty dating is the rage of the hour, and there are many naughty dating websites where you can start your journey in the quest for the perfect sugar momma. Even smartphones can download a naughty dating app and you can be connected on the move. There are some things you should know and do in order to hook up with a naughty sugar momma.

dating naughty sugar moma

  • Communication: you should not let the relationship be a one-sided one. And one way to ensure this is to talk freely without any inhibitions with her. Awkwardness is something you have to leave behind when your quest is to find a sugar momma. If you are quiet with naughty a sugar momma, awkwardness and silence are going to creep into the relationship, which is not a good sign.
  • Your clothes: you have to realize that the sugar momma is with you because of the way you are. Do not go about changing your clothing style and do not succumb to the dictates she throws at you from time to time. You need to tell her that this is the original you and not a puppet which can be made to dance with the pull of a few strings.
  • Have opinions: it is often seen that men who are in a relationship with a sugar momma remain silent about an issue even if they feel otherwise. This is not something I would advise you to do. You have to voice your opinion on things and if she asks you why you have to have sound reasoning and logic to back up your words. Do not worry. It is something that just needs a bit of time getting used to, and once you do, she will adore you even more.
  • Pay attention: this is one of the things that cannot be stressed upon more. In fact, this is the key to all successful relationships. If your sugar momma has a bad day at the office and wants to share it with you, you should have the manners to be an attentive listener. This will endear you to her, and the relationship will turn out to be a successful one.
  • Planning meetings: if you have a date with a naughty sugar momma, pay attention to the finer aspects and the little details which go into making the date a successful one. From the choice of flowers to perfumes and even the food which she likes to eat, everything should be planned out. This will make you confident and it will show in your behavior.
  • Have a sense of humor: this is one aspect that is either inherent in you or not. It really cannot be taught and assuming that you have a sense of humor, crack jokes at appropriate times, during awkward break in conversation, and soon you’ll have her in splits. Join in the laughter and see your relationship taking off.
  • Ask questions: you need to ask her certain questions from time to time in order to fill in the gaps of the conversation. Do not make it sound like an interrogation but take it lightly, if she decides to remain silent to any of your questions, play along and move on to the next part of the conversation. Keep it natural.
  • Comfort: remember that you are the man in the relationship. She will have some expectations from you which include comforting her in her hour of need and also taking measures for her physical comfort. Console her when she needs it, and tell her that it is only a momentary feeling which will go away with the passage of time. She will feel that you are sharing the experience with her and it will take the load off her shoulders.
  • Dating: When you are dating a naughty sugar momma, pretend that you are dating someone of your own age. You do not need to go out of your way to impress her. Be natural and keep the conversation flowing, reveal things about yourself which will make her keen to know you more, the excitement factor will be there and things will spice up.
  • Sex: This is the crux of the relationship and the reason she has sought you out among so many other suitors. Be inventive in bed and invest in foreplay. There will be tricks that your naughty sugar momma, being older in age will show you, and you need to pick up those instructions and implement them in these steamy sessions.

So there you have it, a complete list of things you need to do in order to hook up with your ideal naughty sugar momma and with good luck, you’ll have a great time.


How To Find A Naughty Match Using Tinder

If you’re wondering why a right swipe on a girl’s profile is not cutting the cake anymore, it’s because nowadays it’s simply not enough. Here are some signs to find a naughty match on a naughty dating app like Tinder;

When I was using the app for the first time, for naughty dating purposes I was swiping on with a vengeance, on nearly every appealing profile that came my way. I didn’t even pause long enough to read the instructions, don’t blame me, I got caught in the Tinder vortex just like you did. We all know the amount of involvement of the net when it comes to our dating lives. But if you want to have the best possible Tinder experience, here’s how to go about it.

naughty dating couple

The drawbacks of a hookup online vs. real life

For example, if you’re out in bars and nightclubs with friends, and you happen to meet someone there, you will get a chance to converse with the girl, talk to her about what makes her comfortable and then maybe take her home. The digital game is totally different. Here, not only are you going out on a limp by placing your trust on an unknown person, but you’re also getting intimate with the same individual. While it is true that romantic chemistry is not always required for a night of fun, physical pleasure is important. Without it, you’ll be bereft of pleasure in the bedroom.

Here are a few tips that ought to help you in your quest for a Tinder fuck;

  • You should write a bio so people know you just want fun:

The biggest problem that people run into while browsing dating sites is that people want to ‘get serious’. A relationship is not for everyone and its quite natural for you to mention that you’re strictly looking for fun, and not a serious relationship.

  • Show your sensuous side to the camera;

You need to upload pictures of yourself that are steamy and hot. It’s no use shooting adventurous photos because people want to look at your face. Make the photographs as hot as you can, and you’ll find a lot of waves coming your way.

  • Don’t go for anyone looking for the real thing

This is by far one of the stupidest mistakes you can make on Tinder. You’ve been advised to stay away for relationship-seeking people and here we find you going after a woman who is already screaming for attention. If their bio looks like they want a major relationship, do not ruin the experience by rolling in the sheets and then taking off. That’s ungentlemanly.

  • This is for the ladies

Please don’t go for the shirtless, muscled guys you see out there on the profile pictures. It usually means that they are trying to compensate for something that they are lacking in some other area. I’m not condemning the lot, but I think that you would tend to agree with me that there are more effective ways of attracting people to you. It might mean that he has nothing else to offer you.

  • Swipe for adventurous pictures

If you come across profile pictures of someone getting a little wild, maybe they also want a partner who’s a bit on the wilder side as well. They are the ones who will readily go down on you.

  • Drop a pickup line on people you match with

The best way to steer a conversation is to drop a sexy pickup line, which is going to stir more than feelings, it’s the best way to take a conversation to the bedroom.