How To Find A Naughty Match Using Tinder

If you’re wondering why a right swipe on a girl’s profile is not cutting the cake anymore, it’s because nowadays it’s simply not enough. Here are some signs to find a naughty match on a naughty dating app like Tinder;

When I was using the app for the first time, for naughty dating purposes I was swiping on with a vengeance, on nearly every appealing profile that came my way. I didn’t even pause long enough to read the instructions, don’t blame me, I got caught in the Tinder vortex just like you did. We all know the amount of involvement of the net when it comes to our dating lives. But if you want to have the best possible Tinder experience, here’s how to go about it.

naughty dating couple

The drawbacks of a hookup online vs. real life

For example, if you’re out in bars and nightclubs with friends, and you happen to meet someone there, you will get a chance to converse with the girl, talk to her about what makes her comfortable and then maybe take her home. The digital game is totally different. Here, not only are you going out on a limp by placing your trust on an unknown person, but you’re also getting intimate with the same individual. While it is true that romantic chemistry is not always required for a night of fun, physical pleasure is important. Without it, you’ll be bereft of pleasure in the bedroom.

Here are a few tips that ought to help you in your quest for a Tinder fuck;

  • You should write a bio so people know you just want fun:

The biggest problem that people run into while browsing dating sites is that people want to ‘get serious’. A relationship is not for everyone and its quite natural for you to mention that you’re strictly looking for fun, and not a serious relationship.

  • Show your sensuous side to the camera;

You need to upload pictures of yourself that are steamy and hot. It’s no use shooting adventurous photos because people want to look at your face. Make the photographs as hot as you can, and you’ll find a lot of waves coming your way.

  • Don’t go for anyone looking for the real thing

This is by far one of the stupidest mistakes you can make on Tinder. You’ve been advised to stay away for relationship-seeking people and here we find you going after a woman who is already screaming for attention. If their bio looks like they want a major relationship, do not ruin the experience by rolling in the sheets and then taking off. That’s ungentlemanly.

  • This is for the ladies

Please don’t go for the shirtless, muscled guys you see out there on the profile pictures. It usually means that they are trying to compensate for something that they are lacking in some other area. I’m not condemning the lot, but I think that you would tend to agree with me that there are more effective ways of attracting people to you. It might mean that he has nothing else to offer you.

  • Swipe for adventurous pictures

If you come across profile pictures of someone getting a little wild, maybe they also want a partner who’s a bit on the wilder side as well. They are the ones who will readily go down on you.

  • Drop a pickup line on people you match with

The best way to steer a conversation is to drop a sexy pickup line, which is going to stir more than feelings, it’s the best way to take a conversation to the bedroom.